Thursday, November 20, 2014

Snares and Traps

Our latest survival skill that we learned today was how to snare and trap game out in the wilderness.
We had a special guest demonstrator:  Katie's big brother, Andrew.  He lead us outside, gave us each a length of wire and encouraged us all to create our own rabbit snare. 
He taught us where to look for game trails,  appropriate spots to set up a snare, ways to camoflauge it and even built a trap using a flat rock and sticks.  Cool!
Chandler and Tyler showed some very creative techniques using tree branches, and Sabrina and Bella showed some lovely teamwork among the bushes. I also enjoyed watching Hannah and Zane with their outside of the box ideas.

This week's homework is easy, but very important!  Please add the snares and traps handout to your emergency kit.  Place it inside of a gallon Ziploc bag (along with your
Emergency Plan Card) hopefully, you won't ever have to use it, but it will come in handy should you ever need to catch some dinner.

Reminder to continue working on your Grab-N-Go bag and fill out your Emergency Plan Card.   Remember to take photos of your completed kit, and email them to me: The prizes for those who complete this task just arrived via UPS, and they are really cool!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Disaster Survival

The past four weeks, our Survival Students have been learning about Natural Disasters....what are the risks, how to protect yourself, and first aid treatments. We have talked about earthquakes and tsunami's, where to take cover during tornados and volcanic eruptions, and even how to protect ourselves from radiation should a nuclear bomb occur.

 You may have noticed your student leaving our class with bloody noses, contusions, broken bones, insect bites, and burns.   Hopefully, these "injuries" helped to illustrate proper application of first aid treatments.  We have learned how to administer CPR, how to treat shock, different bandaging techniques and even tasted some new foods that can heal our body from the inside.  Aloe Vera juice was surprisingly tasty, while the dried seaweed was much less popular.

Today we had a special guest speaker from the Pierce County Emergency Management team.  Roxanne reminded us about 911 services.  Did you know 911 calls are FREE from any public pay phone? She also stressed the importance of each of us having a 72 hour kit "bug out bag" should we ever need to evacuate, as well as preparing our home with a 7-day emergency supply kit.  (Remember the ice storm of 2012, where we all were hunkered down inside of our homes for 7-9 days)?

Each student was sent home with a goody bag containing a helpful reminders on Disaster Preparedness for your families.

I would like to draw special attention to the "Bucket List" brochure.  Inside is instructions on how to make your own Grab-N-Go bucket.  The HOMEWORK this week is for each student to fill out the EMERGENCY PLAN CARD, place it in a sealed Ziploc bag, and carefully include it in their own emergency bucket.   We have encouraged the students to discuss as a family what your Emergency Plan is:  Where is our Meeting Place?  Who is our out-of-state phone contact?

Our CLASS CHALLENGE is to prepare our own personal 72 hour "grab-n-go" emergency kit.  I'll bet most of the items you already have in your homes. (If you already have a kit, go through it and replace expired food items, update clothing to your current size, etc)  Once your kit is complete, snap a photo of it, and email it to me.  Those who complete this challenge will be rewarded with a special emergency "tool" (it's a surprise)  Let's see if we can complete this challenge by December 11.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tacoma Nature Center Field Trip

Thursday is our foraging/herb walk field trip.  We will be going Tacoma Nature Center on S 19th and Stevens.

If you have Science Olympiad, I will bring your child back to the church.  If not, plan to pick them up at the Nature Center.  I'll leave the Nature Center no later than 3 to bring everyone back.  

Remember to bring the permission slip!

Questions?  Leave a comment or email me. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Field Trip

Survival Class is going on a field trip next Thurs! 

Sorry about the late notice, I'm living one day at a time right now, just barely keeping my head above water and this is the best I can do.  :)  I know you all understand.

We are going on a foraging/herb walk. 

I am wondering if you can pick your child up at the location/park we will be going to as you leave co-op for home?  That way we can have more time there.  Please comment on this blog yay or nay.

Don't know where yet.(see above explanation.  ;) )